Working entirely by hand, each painting is embroidered from yarns collected from silk or cotton in  oordinating color and reflection color of the described scene.

Back at a distance, embroidery painting from silk of Vietnamese people is easily confused with oil painting works of an artist by magic blending color. This has created a timeless masterpiece. But, come close, you will see the complex density of thousands of delicate silk yarns that is embroidered on fabric and made entirely by hand.
You have to keep the painting in your own hand, feel its weight in order to understand the thousands of tiny stitches can be mixed together to form such a true art.

For each artist, yarn is their paint, needle is their brush. With extraordinary patience, the artist carefully choose each topic that they use, and in some cases, they can combine up to 500 different types and colors of yarn for each artwork.

The paintings may take from three weeks to several months to complete, and requires the artist not only as an skilled artist but also they need to have "the eyes" and artistic talent to make accurate patinting.

By comparison, the work of embroidery has many difficulties, so this requires more patience than sculpture or traditional painting. In Vietnam, you will see this special embroidery technique.

Embroidery hand holds a special place in the cultural history of Vietnam. Along with cooking and sewing, it is one of the extracurricular activities that is the most common, especially in the secondary and high schools.

Since the 1960s, the embroidery painting in Vietnam has been raised the level of an art, and many men and women are embroidery artists.




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