Each completed rice painting takes time to be made, with the following steps:


- Select Rice: Rice grains selected for roasting should be slender and firm to avoid broken and exploded rice during roasted. Especially Thu Dong rice painting uses only a single type of rice.


- Roast Rice: Depending on color tones to adjust roasting time and temperature for the rice to result in appropriate colors. This is the hardest step requiring patience, because rice roasting time for a color tint at least one to two hours. Currently Thu Dong rice painting has nearly 30 color tints.

- Sketch: Study the topic, sketch the image on a plywood frame. The more sharp and refined the artists sketch, the more efficient the transformed rice paintings will achieve.

- Sort Rice: Sort each grain meticulously on pressed wood frame sketched. This is the most difficult, challenging patience of the artists. Moreover, it is the subtle perceiving of the colors of the artists to create harmony between the colors of the painting.

- Spray glue: when sorting is complete for the images sketched, spray glue again to make sure each grain is surely sticked.


- Exposure to sunlight: Dry the painting about two to three days to dry and stick the rice grains to the timber.

- Chemical treatment: To prolong the life of paintings, spray painting surface a layer of anti –mold and termites chemicals.


- The last step: After chemical treatment, spray to the painting surface some hardeners and surface polishing substances to increase the aesthetic value as well as durability of the painting.


* Art brings true joy for those who love it .

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