This project was started in 2010 with the aim to give a chance to disadvantaged people by providing them with a job in the field of arts and crafts as rice painters. This job gives the young people with disabilities some professional skills and a purpose in life. The project's social goal is: Training and employing disabled people to improve their quality of life. With a job, these young people can live independantly and support their families. Furthermore, they achieve an unknown self-confidence and learn social skills.

These disabled people now stand before the problem of selling their art products. We are looking for volunteers who can help find new ways of promoting and selling the products. The volunteers will be trained on how to make rice paintings and will help the disadvantaged people promote and sell them. The volunteers are welcome to organize workshops to call for support from organizations and individuals. The project location is far from the city centre, and not many people know about these products, so volunteers are also welcome to write proposals and help these people find some places that they can introduce their rice paintings to more people.

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