Thu Dong rice paintings can last long?

Answers : With a serious exploration and research in preservatives for Rice, now, Thu Dong paintings life durability is over 10 years.

Thu Dong rice paintings will be affected by termites after a while?

Answers : As mentioned above, with preservatives and chemicals containing anti-mold, anti- termite handled in the Painting implementation process, Thu Dong Rice Paintings are not afraid of mold and termites.

Do Thu Dong Rice Paintings contain colors dyed?

Answers : The current Thu Dong Rice Painting has over 30 color tones, generated by fried rice, absolutely not contained colors dyed

Besides normal picture sizes, do Thu Dong Rice Paintings also have small size paintings?

Answers : Due to necessities and available experience after 03 years of development of Rice Paintings, Thu Dong Rice Paintings make small from 20 X 20 cm to large sizes of 1.2 m X 2.4 m and even larger with many various and beautiful designs.

Does Thu Dong Rice Paintings tailor-make?

Answers : We've done all customers' requirements ... Portrait Rice Painting, Logo & Company Slogan in bulk.

How long does it take to complete a rice painting?

Answers : Typically, it takes from 7 to 10 days to complete a rice painting depending on size, theme, layout of the painting.

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